Treasures of the Maya Spirit Exhibition Showcases Collection of The Future Museo Maya de America at 2014 Los Angeles Jewelry, Antique & Design Show

  |   2014

Treasures of the Maya Spirit Exhibition Showcases Collection of The Future Museo Maya de America at 2014 Los Angeles Jewelry, Antique & Design Show

Exhibition Unveils New Research On The Crouching Masked Jaguar Dancer Sculpture—The Greatest Mayan Discovery in Recent Times

Treasures of the Maya Spirit is an exhibition that celebrates Maya culture and its contributions to the world. The exhibition will present more than 200 extraordinary examples of Pre-Columbian Maya Art, and will also feature some of the finest examples of native Guatemalan textiles, antique masks, and dance costumes, as well as contemporary works of art by prize-winning artists and anonymous artist-artisans, reflecting the Maya region´s worldview.

Treasures of the Maya Spirit focuses on the art and civilization of the Maya people and is curated by several organizations headed by Gio Rossilli: Sofia Paredes Maury, Fundacion La Ruta Maya; Ines Guzman, Museo Maya de America; Raymond Senuk, Friends of Ixchel Museum; Professor Peter Markman & Dr. Alison Heney, Xipe Projects; and Adrian Lorenzana, Paiz Foundation.

Fundación Museo Maya de América unveils the design of Central America’s largest museum of Maya artifacts and culture.

The Museo Maya de América, will be located in Guatemala City, and is to become a leading venue for the public to view objects, artifacts, artworks, textiles, and information on the history and culture of the Maya civilization. The institution is among the most ambitious cultural projects in the region, containing approximately 60,000 square meters (more than 600,000 square feet) of construction with a budget of US$60 million.

With an enormous sense of optimism and a vision for the future, we aim to create a museum that celebrates Maya culture and carefully explains it,” states Fernando Paiz, President of the sponsoring organization Fundación Museo Maya de América. “We want the world to understand the sophistication and richness of this civilization in Guatemala and beyond.

Organized for maximum public interaction with the site, the ground is given almost entirely to open space. The galleries reside within the floating box, which is connected to the lower levels by stairs that climb their way around a central courtyard. “The central court evokes a cenote, a type of natural sinkhole characteristic of the Yucatan and held sacred by the Maya,” states Roberto de Oliveira Castro, principal of over,under. “Open to the sky and lushly planted, the eight-story cenote functions as the heart of the museum, and it forms an orientation point within the museum that extends down to the parking levels below ground, providing an interesting route into the museum and a special place to display underworld-related artifacts.”

The design of the Museo Maya de América has been developed by Harry Gugger Studio of Basel and over,under of Boston. Seis Arquitectos of Guatemala City will serve as the architect of record. Conceptual design work has been completed, and a fundraising campaign has commenced.

General Show Dates

Thursday, January 16, 2014, 11am – 7pm
Friday, January 17, 2014, 11am – 7pm
Saturday, January 18, 2014, 11am – 7pm
Sunday, January 19, 2014, 11am – 5pm

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General Admission One Day $20
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