L2kontemporary presents Dragana B. Stevanovic

  |   2011

Known by her expressive, colorful palette, Stevanovic paints the motions and events she is currently preoccupied with. This is why her paintings do not show any central motif – sometimes, drawing is predominant, or dark hues, gender themes; sometimes everything seems to be in disorder and disharmony. The result of such principle is the representation of “excess”, that is, a combination of figures, portraits or skulls with formal aspects of canvas attacked by fireworks of colors. Placing the letters and words in the composition, Dragana defines the canvas as flat surface, the place at which her ideas combine in various ways. This interweaving of personages, their ambiences, words, letters, contrasts and colors on two-dimensional canvas is the basic characteristic of Stevanovic’s new paintings.

990 N. Hill Street # 205, Los Angeles, CA 90012
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